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Dr Noel K Y Leong (Medical Director), Shirley Wee (Secretary & Office Administrator), Chung Mi Mi (IVF Co-ordinator & State Registered Nurse). To provide our patients with good quality IVF services, we work with the staff at four well established IVF laboratories, Thomson Fertility Centre, Parkway Fertility Centre, Alpha IVF Centre and KK IVF Centre, where we do our egg collection and embryo transfer procedures. To give our patients the optimal care they deserve when they conceive through our Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) programmes, we work with the staff of Thomson Diagnostic Imaging Centre, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital Prenatal Diagnostic Centre and The Prenatal Consultants at Mount Elizabeth Novena to provide our patients with expert care in prenatal diagnostic screening and ultrasound fetal monitoring services.

  • Dr Noel Leong
  • Ms Chung Mi-Mi
  • Ms Shirley Wee


M.B.B.S (Singapore), M.Med (O&G) (Singapore)
FRCOG (London), FAMS (Singapore)

I am Dr Noel Leong and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am a certified specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and my subspecialty is Reproductive Medicine and In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). The practice of Reproductive Medicine includes the management of couples with infertility and the endocrinology of reproduction in women from teenage years through to child-bearing period and into the peri-menopausal and post-menopausal ages.

My interest in the treatment of infertility and IVF started in 1978 when I obtained my specialist degree and when I took over the running of the Infertility Clinic at the old KK Hospital. During those early days before 1978, before IVF, the usual treatment methods available were ovulation induction with clomiphene or human menopausal gonadotrophins and surgery to repair blocked fallopian tubes or to restore pelvic anatomy previously destroyed by pelvic adhesions caused by infection, endometriosis or past surgery.

When I was awarded the Ministry of Health’s Human Manpower Development Planning Fellowship (HMDP) in Reproductive Microsurgery and Endocrinology in 1983, I chose to acquire additional skills in tubal microsurgery and minimally invasive (laparoscopic and hysteroscopic) surgery (MIS) by working with Professor Robert Winston at the Hammersmith Hospital, London for 7 months and with Professor Egon Diczfalusy at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm for 2 months. As tubal reconstructive surgery in specially selected cases and especially reversal of female sterilisation was a good alternative option to IVF treatment, my then department in KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKWCH) was able to provide this much needed service to our patients with tubal factor infertility. When I entered private practice I continued to provide reproductive surgery and minimally invasive (keyhole) services to my patients.

In 1991 when IVF was firmly established in many centres in the world, KKWCH decided to restructure and expand their IVF services and I was awarded another HMDP Fellowship, this time in Reproductive Medicine and IVF.  I chose to spend the next 2 years from 1991-1993 as a visiting Fellow attached to the Reproductive Biology Unit at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne which was then under the stewardship of Dr Ian Johnston.  During those 2 years, I was assistant to Dr Lyndon Hale for a year and the following year I was appointed to his position as the department’s clinical co-ordinator of the IVF Centre.

When I returned to KKWCH I was appointed Head of Department of Reproductive Medicine, KKWCH and Director of KKIVF and the National Sperm Bank on 1 April 1993. The department was providing training for doctors and embryologists, both local and foreign, to specialise in Reproductive Medicine and for authorisation to perform Assisted Reproduction and IVF procedures. I was also the Chairman of the MIS Credentials and Accreditation Committee in the hospital, which was responsible for the training and certification of doctors who completed the training requirements to do minimally invasive surgery. Besides specialising in Reproductive Medicine and Reproductive Surgery, I continued to look after women in their pregnancies and deliver their babies. I thoroughly enjoyed my years of service at KKWCH and I was glad that I have contributed to the expansion and growth of the department into a full fledged unit offering a comprehensive range of services, teaching and research activities in Reproductive Medicine, Reproductive Surgery and IVF.

I left KKWCH for private practice in 2001. Presently my private practice is in Farrer Park Medical Centre. “Connexion”. I do my IVF procedures mainly at Thomson Fertility Centre and Parkway Fertility Centre and I have authorisation to do IVF procedures at Alpha IVF Centre and KK IVF Centre. I have admission rights for my patients to be treated  at Thomson Medical Centre, Mount Alvernia Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Gleneagles Hospital and the other Parkway Group of Hospitals.



I completed my Certificate in Nursing Studies in 1992 and have been a Registered Nurse for 24 years. After completing my studies, I worked in various organisations including Singapore Civil Defence Force, Private Nursing and Obstetric & Gynaecology/Infertility for 6.1/2 years before joining Noel Leong Fertility & IVF Clinic in March 2014 and since then I have been working as his IVF co-ordinator and clinic staff nurse.

My role in the clinic includes updating patients’ records, dispensing of medication and administering injections, reminding patients of their appointments and liaising with hospitals when patients are admitted for surgery or other diagnostic tests. As an IVF co-ordinator, I work hand in hand with Dr Leong in implementing treatment plans according to IVF protocols.

I arrange appointments for the patients who are coming for our programme and follow up scans for monitoring of follicles. I supervise and ensure that patients understand their medication regimes, that they adhere to set procedures and guide them on how to administer injections on themselves. I also work closely with the staff of Thomson Fertility Centre in order that our patients will have a smooth journey throughout their treatment plan.

I feel a sense of satisfaction and achievement when patients come to me for advice and I am able to encourage and guide them to alleviate their anxieties. My personal goal is seeing programme patient get pregnant and achieve their goals of parenthood.



I joined Noel Leong Fertility & IVF Clinic in May 2013. Having studied Secretarial Studies and Higher Accounting, I started out in the audit line for 6 years before moving on to the corporate environment where I honed my skills and experience in secretarial, administrative and accounting portfolios in the aerospace, trading and hospitality industries.

My responsibilities include the administration of clinic documentation, ordering of drugs and keeping an inventory of stock items, as well as maintaining the accounting records of the clinic. For overseas patients, I communicate with them via email to fix appointments for their medical reviews. If they require accommodation, I assist with liaising with hotels for rates and ensure easy access to the clinic. I work closely with staff nurse Mi Mi to provide the best of care to our patients.

I enjoyed working in a clinic environment which gave me the opportunity to learn new skills in healthcare and also meeting the patients and journeying with them to achieve their goals towards parenthood.

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