Superovulation is the process whereby a woman is given fertility drugs, usually injections (gonadotrophins) alone or in combination with oral clomiphene to stimulate the ovaries to produce 2 to 3 eggs to maturation and ovulation. Superovulation is usually combined with intrauterine insemination in which the prepared sperm sample is placed directly into the uterine cavity to improve the woman’s chances of conception. The SOIUI programme enhances conception by increasing the number of eggs available to be fertilised which may then improve the internal environment of the pelvis for fertilisation and implantation of the embryo while the sperm preparation would select the motile fraction of the sperms to be placed into the uterine cavity, bypassing the cervix and finally by choosing the optimal time for the insemination. Couples who can consider the SOIUI programme include those with mild sperm factor infertility, cervical factor, sexual dysfunction, unexplained infertility and donor sperm insemination. Success rates range from 15-18% per cycle and 1 in 3 women may conceive after 3 cycles.

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