Boon Tan – 20 July 2022

Dr. Leong is an extremely knowledgable, humble and gifted surgeon who has blessed our family tremendously. He is authentic and genuinely cares, a rarity these days.

Isabelle Clement – 7 April 2022

Dr Leong is an amazing doctor. He is professional and very dedicated to his patients. He always took time to explain and ensured that we had very clear understanding of medical processes and terminologies. He was also very reassuring and calm throughout our pregnancy. His years of experience and expertise allows him to anticipate potential issues during the pregnancy and prepare us for it. He was very caring towards our well-being and always checked in on us during our visits to ensure we were keeping well physically and coping emotionally. After delivering both our children, he ensured we were managing well through his constant words of encouragement and even recommended us to a personal friend when we were in desperate need of a lactation consultant. For both pregnancies, regardless of the time of the night, if we required his expertise, he was present. With IVF being more commonplace these days, couples need a medical expert who is not only knowledgeable and experienced but also compassionate and kind as it may prove to be a stressful period. It would be beneficial and vital to engage a doctor who is able to spend time to thoroughly explain the various medical processes and also support the couple through their decision-making process. Additionally, Dr Leong’s staff Mi Mi & Shirley are always ready to go the extra mile and are always warm and kind. They are sensitive to the couple’s needs and attend to them with utmost professionalism and privacy. Dr Leong is truly a gem in the medical field because he is a humanist who truly cares for his patients and is also a medical expert who believes in delivering his best. We strongly recommend Dr Leong & his team to any couple considering fertility treatments. You may rest assured that you are in good hands.

*This post has been updated after my 2nd pregnancy in Nov 2021

Judy – 5 April 2022

Dr Leong is a very meticulous and dedicated doctor. He took time to find out about our issues and provided clear explanations on the treatment given. When I was diagnosed with covid at 33 weeks pregnant, he called to check on my well-being every day to ensure that both baby and I are ok. His staff Mi Mi and Shirley are always very warm and caring as well. We are very thankful to have conceived an adorable son with his help and grateful to have been under his care.

Preeti Gupta – 8 October 2020

THANK YOU for everything you have done for me and my family ! you are a wonderful and amazing doctor who always provide honest opinion. you truly make a difference in the medical field with your amazing staff.

Jun Ah Ming – 29 July 2020

I had unicornuate uterus with adenomyoma and endometriosis. The chances of both getting pregnant naturally and conceiving successfully were extremely slim. I went through the IVF/ICSI program under Dr Leong. He discussed all the options and risks with us, and also worked with the embryologist to maximize the chance of getting me pregnant. I successfully got pregnant and conceived twice! My pregnancy has been difficult due to the malformation of my uterus, but Dr Leong has remained calm and composed throughout, and provided the best care for me. Due to the high risk of my pregnancy, he also made it a point not to travel out of Singapore during the later phase of my pregnancy, so that he can be around for me. I am now a proud mother of 2 healthy children!

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