Much as Noel Leong Fertility & IVF Clinic specialises in Reproductive Medicine and IVF services, we continue to provide a seamless service to our patients who conceived through our fertility programmes. Dr Noel Leong has been looking after pregnant women during their pregnancies and delivering their babies for decades and will continue to do so as he believes that treatment does not end with helping his patients to conceive but continues through their pregnancies to the birth of their most precious babies. Just as it took time and efforts to conceive, the ongoing pregnancies are relatively higher risked, as these women may have taken years to conceive, are usually older than the average pregnant women, some with medical conditions, have gone through stressful and emotion-ridden fertility treatments, all of which add to additional issues in their pregnancies and childbirth.

The essence of good antenatal care are pre-pregnancy health screening and treatment of any negative medical issues, accurate pregnancy dating, prenatal screening for genetic and fetal structural abnormalities, serial monitoring of the baby’s growth and careful management of the well-being of both mother and baby, decisions on when to deliver the baby and the appropriate mode of birth, whether natural or caesarean births, and the intensive monitoring of labour and safe delivery of the baby. To provide the optimal level of care as expected of modern day obstetric practice, we collaborate with the staff of Thomson Diagnostic Imaging Centre, Mount Elizabeth Hospital Prenatal Diagnostics Centre and The Prenatal Consultants at Mount Elizabeth Novena to provide our patients with expert care in first trimester prenatal diagnostic screening and ultrasound fetal anomaly screening and fetal monitoring services.

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Start your journey with us today.

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